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About us

Our Company

FA Masters is a wholly owned Ghanaian company. We offer sales, supplies, servicing and rental of a wide range of fast-erecting cranes, for all construction needs, Construction Machinery, Equipment and Mining Machinery.
Although the company has not been in existence for long, it has over fifteen (15) years expertise and experience in the engineering and manufacturing of Cranes and other Construction machinery in FM GRU, Italy.

Vision & Mission

To be the leading supplier of Construction and Mining machines and equipment in Ghana and the West African Region.

In pursuance of our goals, we aim to provide quality, robust, strong and resilient machines in meeting or customer needs and building a partnership by fostering their success.


Our services range from mantling, dismantling and servicing of all types and series of Cranes and general construction machinery.


  • We are the local representatives of FM GRU and IMER products. The qualitative standard of our products are achieved through a productive process that includes through inspections and accurate tests. Strict compliance with the most important international standards, such as ISO, IEC, DIN, CNR, UNI and FEM ensure valid products.


  • The raw materials and mechanisms we use are subjected to specific tests and are selected by our technological laboratories. Modern factory equipment and qualified staff ensures that each individual component is made in compliance with the approval specifications and procedures. Lastly, strict tests conducted on a test field guarantee the quality of the final product that must be reliable and efficient when used in the building site.


  • Our products range from all types and series of Cranes, namely, LK, RBI, TCK and TLX. We deal in earth moving machinery like excavators and all the mining machines, Concrete Machinery and equipment, Mortar Spraying Machines, Power Access Lines such as Concrete Mixing Trucks, Concrete Mixers, Batching Plants, Continuous Mixers, Screw Pumps, Floor Saws, Crawler Access Platforms, Power Floats, Cement Silos, Belt Concrete Conveyors, , Form Work, Props, Block Making Machines, Scaffolds, etc as well as sale of spare parts and any type of construction equipment. You just name it, and we will deliver it.

Get In Touch

P.O. BOX1875, Accra-Ghana, W/Africa

Mob: +233 573 362 205 +393 343 643 201

Tel: +233 302 226 710

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOC: Adjacent to NEM INSURANCE GHANA off Obasanjo Highway, Maamobi